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Horticulture & Masonry Supply

A new addition to our Family Business

In November 2022, our family expanded our family business and are now supplying horticulture and mason supply offerings. Catering to the homeowner 


All Natural Bark (no dyes) 

Aged Dark (black) $53 cubic yard

Hemlock Bark (red) $51 cubic yard

Pine Bark (brown) $49/cubic yard

Garden Soils & Compost 

Our Very Own Screen Compost (gardens, plantings, all-natural, no trash) $45/cubic yard

Screened Loam (topdressing lawns) $30/cubic yard

Screened Planting Mix (perfect for raised beds, enhanced with compost and sand) $35/cubic yard

Screened Turf Mix (perfect for lawns, allows good drainage) $32/cubic yard

Landscape Materials

1 1/2" Crushed Stone (drainage, landscape stone, erosion) $27/cubic yard

3/4" Crushed Stone (drainage, landscape stone, under decks) $28.50/cubic yard

3/4" Graded Base - crushed (driveway base, under patios) $27.50

3/8" Crushed Stone - peastone ( drip edge, under decks) $29.50

3/8" Graded Base - crushed (driveway topping) $27.50 cubic yard

Stone Dust (base for under patios, walking trails, under pool liners) $26.50/cubic yard

Concrete Sand/Washed Sand (masonry, washed, no silica, sandboxes) $38.50/cubic yard 


Delivery Available 

Many folks are more familiar with ordering by the ton. However, we sell by the cubic yard which is why our pricing may seem higher but in reality it is extremely competitive.
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