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Family Events on The Farm

Check Back - More Events are slated for 2023

Spring Hike 

Saturday, April 29th from 10 - 2

Spend a couple of hours exploring the freshly turned soil, greenhouses, barnyard and 'back 40' that make up this historic little piece of ground.

Grab the family, a few friends, even your furkid is welcome! And if you decide to pack a picnic-lunch; the backyard or the pond out back make the perfect spot to sit down and enjoy it!

There is a map to pick up at the Farm Stand as you check-in that gives the locations of many historic sites on the property; including the old silo foundations, the old black-smith shop, the original farmhouse and the North School House.

Be sure to grab the Scavenger Hunt sheet---completed forms dropped off on your way out enter you into several drawings.

Annual Seedling Sale 

May 19th thru May 22nd

A healthy garden starts with healthy plants!

We will have a great assortment of:
TOMATOES | PEPPERS | EGGPLANT | SQUASH | LETTUCE | HERBS | GREENS | and so much more! Numerous varieties including a great amount of heirlooms.

Many plants will be available in 4" pots so you can purchase one or as many as you need. Leafy greens will be available in "packs"


Full & Very Detailed packets are available in The Farm Store. Pick one up at your next visit!

During this annual weekend Farmer Jamie will be available for you to chat growing practices, varieties, techniques and tricks-of-the-trade.

We will also have a wide assortment of organic fertilizers, soils and compost available for easy pick up or quick delivery as our horticulture and masonry business has expanded.

Let's Get Growing!

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