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My name is Jamie and I am the 4th generation farmHER here at SpringDell. I was lucky enough to inherit portion of this land in January of 2009 at the age of 22. And just recently, John and I purchased the other half. I have actually spent my entire life right here on the farm! I graduated high school in 2006 and went right into the business. College really did not excite me, but the farm sure did! I have a son named Briar who is five and a daughter, Chevelle who is almost two. I love this farm and I love growing and producing GOOD & HEALTHY food for my neighbors. My biggest role model was my Grandfather, Gerry, and I was lucky to spend a lot of my life with him out in our fields. My favorite job in the spring is working in the greenhouses, while my favorite job in the summer is cultivating the fields with my 1948 Farmall Cub! And every Saturday, like clock-work, I work the Farm Stand because I love seeing and chatting with all the customers I work so hard to provide for. My favorite crop to grow is strawberries (our most prized crop), but my favorite crop to harvest is kale, and I do not really know why. I served a term on the American Farm Bureau Federation Young Farmer & Rancher Committee in DC and have done a lot of advocacy work for my industry through time served with my local Agricultural Commission and Massachusetts Farm Bureau.

I even have a claim to fame...I was featured in a few National Magazines and the Farmers' Almanac. Despite what some may think, Farmers wear make up and I had a lipstick color named after me, thanks to a local company based out of Maine. Besides owning and operating a farming business, I LOVE to cook and create exciting meals in my kitchen! And while I think of myself as a great cook...I am actually not real great at baking. My favorite hobby is riding my Morgan horses which I have been doing since I was two and in 2021 my horse Moe and I won The Reserve Worlds Championship Title in Park Harness! I tend to be the one running our social media pages, but I also get some help from just about everybody who works here or who is a frequent face our Farm Store. 

I really appreciate your following of our page and the support you give to my family farm. My family is able to continue on with this place because our neighbors support us. You play just as big of a role in the life of this place as the farmers that work it. So thank you!



Field Crew



Field Crew



Field Crew



Farmer in Training

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Office Manager


Retail Staff/Csa packer

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Retail Staff





Retail Staff

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Retail Staff
Handy Man
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