Raised By Us

cows at gibbet.jpg

Here at our farm, we believe animals should be out on pastures with room to roam. While our cattle graze the hillsides of the iconic Gibbet Hill in Groton, Massachusetts; our lambs and hogs are commonly seen roaming around our home-farm here in Littleton. We work hard to produce exceptional meat products that are raised the way nature intended. You can see what we stand for when you visit our livestock pastures or when you pick up your favorite meat cuts from our roadside farm stand. 

Our Own Pasture Raised Black Angus Beef

Boneless Chuck Roast $8.99/lb.      Oxtail $12.99/lb

Boneless Chuck Steak $9.99/lb       Porterhouse $21.99/lb

Bottom Round Roast $8.99/lb         Prime Rib, Standing $19.99/lb 

Blade Steak $10.99/lb                      Prime Rib, Boneless $19.99/lb

Brisket $8.99/lb                                 Prime Rib, Cut & Tied $19.99/lb

Corned Beef $9.99/lb                       Sandwich Steak $11.99/lb

Cube Steak $7.99/lb                         Short Cut Rump $15.99/lb

Delmonico/Ribeye $23.99/lb           Short Ribs $8.99/lb

Eye Round Roast $8.99/lb                Sirloin Beef Patties $9.99/lb

Face Rump Roast $10.99/lb.            Sirloin Tips $17.99/lb

Filet $25.99/lb                                   Skirt Steak $15.99/lb

Flat Iron Steak $15.99/lb                  Soup Shank $6.99/lb

Flank Steak $18.99/lb                       Stew Meat $10.99/lb

Ground Sirloin $9.99/lb                    Strip Steak 23.99/lb

Hanger Steak $19.99/lb                   T. Bone Steak $19.99/lb

Heart $4.99/lb                                   Tri Tip $17.99/lb

Kabobs $10.99                                  Tenderloin $25.99/lb

Liver $4.99/lb                                    Tongue $4.99/lb

London Broil $11.99/lb.                   Top Round Steak $7.99/lb

Marrow Bones $1.99/lb                   Top Round Roast $7.99/lb

NY Sirloin $12.99/lb                         Texas Ribs $10.99/lb


Our Own Pasture Raised Lamb

Ground Lamb $11.99/lb

Heart $4.99/lb

Hot Sausage Links $12.99/lb

Kabobs: $15.99/lb

Kidney $4.99/lb

Leg – Boneless $19.99/lb

Leg – Bone In $19.99/lb

Leg – Butterfly $19.99/lb

Leg Steak $17.99/lb

Liver $4.99/lb

Loin Chops $21.99/lb

Rib Chops $18.99/lb

Rib Rack $24.99/lb

Shank $11.99/lb

Stew Meat $12.99/lb

Our Own Heritage Pork 

Breakfast Sausage, Links $9.99/lb         

Breakfast Sausage, Ground $7.99/lb.   

Breakfast Sausage, Patties $9.99/lb                 

Chine End Roast $7.99/lb                                

Garlic & Cheese Sausage, Ground $7.99/lb  

Garlic & Cheese Sausage, Links $9.99/lb        

Sweet Sausage, Links $9.99/lb.                       

Hot Sausage, Links $9.99/lb

Sweet Sausage, Ground $7.99/lb

Kabobs $12.99/lb                                               

Loin Roast $10.99/lb      

Pork Chops, Boneless $12.99/lb.

Pork Chops, Classic $11.99/lb.

Pork Chops, Cowboy Cut $8.99/lb.     

Pork Butt $6.99/lb.

Ribs, Baby Back $11.99/lb.

Ribs, Country $8.99/lb.

Ribs, Spare $8.99/lb.

Tenderloin $18.99/lb.               


Old Fashioned Smoked Pork Meats


Bacon, Thick Cut $11.99/lb Pork Bones $1.99/lb

Bacon Ends $1.99/lb Fat Back $.99/lb

Canadian Bacon $15.99/lb Leaf Lard $2.99/lb

Ham Butt Roast $7.99/lb Trotters $.99/lb

Ham Hocks $6.99/lb Ham Steak $7.99/lb