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Visiting The Farm

June 5, 2023:

THE BARNYARD is OPEN to explore! While some small portions are still under construction, JUST today more barnyard friends moved in! Check back weekly for new farm animals to join our growing farm and newly renovated farm experience. Whether you visit before or after you shop our farm store or pick up your farm share there is something for everyone. Check the Welcome Shed for postings of special events or activities.

THE BACKYARD has a spring-fed pond with fish and frogs just under The Grand Willow. Take a seat in the share as you sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee from our friends at LittleTown Coffee. Be sure to check our social media pages for the weekly schedule. 

GRANDPA'S TRAIL will take you on a loop around the pastures and through a field. From highest point in our fields you can overlook our entire operation and you local food supply growing.

PICNIC PASTURE is the perfect spot to enjoy a packed picnic lunch with friends and family or enjoy take out from Groton Publick House On The Road on a day they are here. Be sure to check our social media pages for weekly updates on their planned routine and slated menu. 

THE SAND PARLOR is a perfect spot for kids to dig and there are plenty of seating areas around it so you can keep the kids in view while you sit back and enjoy some fresh farm air.

THE DIRT SHED is filled with different soils, water tables and more so kids can pretend they are working in a real-life greenhouse. 

Come by and explore!

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